Bengals Sign Veteran CB, Possibly Signaling End Of Eli Apple Era & We Must Take A Look Back At His Greatest Hits

Sure, taking shots at Eli Apple for no reason may seem cruel. But he does this to himself. If he -- and his mom -- didn't talk so much trash, people like me would probably leave him alone.

But they do, so here we are.

Eli Apple is not a very good football player. A former Top 10 overall NFL Draft pick by the New York Giants, Apple never fulfilled expectations.

The Giants traded Apple to the New Orleans Saints during his third NFL season. The Carolina Panthers signed him after his fourth NFL season. After one injury-plagued year in Carolina, he landed in Cincinnati.

He's spent the past two seasons with the Bengals, playing mediocre football with some occasional good moments.

But that hasn't stopped him from running his mouth at every turn. This season, as a member of a very good Bengals team, Apple used the team's success to raise his own brand awareness.

But on Monday, Cincinnati signed veteran cornerback Sidney Jones, seemingly to replace Apple. Couldn't happen to a better guy.

Who likes Eli Apple?

Apple isn't very well-liked by NFL fans, which is why they absolutely let him hear it after getting torched by MARCUS MARIOTA AND DAMIERE BYRD.

There's even a song about his terrible play. Seriously. A song. It's actually pretty good, too. Unlike Eli Apple (oooo burn!).

In December, Apple called out Tom Brady. Yes, overrated and overpaid cornerback Eli Apple, lucky to still have a job in the NFL, talked trash to arguably the greatest player in the sport. SMH as the kids say.

Then, still not satisfied, Apple did some weird dance as the Bengals beat the Bills in the playoffs.

That still wasn't enough, so Apple took to Twitter to talk more trash to the Buffalo Bills. Notice that he does most of his talking from behind his keyboard or the safety of his own sideline.

That led to Bills defender Shaq Lawson saying Apple better watch his back.

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs accused him of "clout chasing."

So, fans don't like him. Other players don't like him. He can't play very well and he's likely a soon-to-be free agent.

Hmmm, wonder what that market will look like?

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