NFL Wants To Drug Test Seahawks WR DK Metcalf Over (Fake) Social Media Video

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The NFL is about to find out if physical freak and Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf is truly all-natural (i.e., not taking steroids).

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Metcalf received a notice from the NFL on Sunday regarding a ‘randomized’ drug test he’s been assigned to. The wideout relayed it on his Instagram Stories.


Is DK Metcalf Taking PEDs?

The NFL’s testing notice read, according to a screenshot posted by Metcalf:

“Good Morning DK. This is Brian Keller on behalf of the NFL you’ve been selected for a PES policy collection tomorrow 2/20/23. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we may arrange a time and place to meet tomorrow”

Instagram (@dk14)

The drug test comes a day after Metcalf won the NBA Celebrity Game MVP, compounded by a viral video of Metcalf’s leaping abilities Saturday that did not come off as humanly possible.

The video in question was taken at the NBA All-Star events. Ahead of the celebrity match, Metcalf was filmed catching a ball that looked nearly 15 feet off the ground.

If any evidence against DK Metcalf stirred the most disbelief, it’s this footage.

Big Jump Triggers Drug Test

Question is: Was it a real video?

Chances are: No. Considering how easy it has gotten to dupe people on the internet, it’s likely that Metcalf’s gravity-defying leap was more movie magic than steroids.

Then came the MVP-worthy celebrity game. Metcalf had an impressive individual performance (20 points, 10 rebounds, four blocks and a high-flying dunk).

The MVP honors were well deserved for Metcalf, though the bar was set relatively low considering past award recipients include Michael Rapaport and a celebrity Peloton instructor.

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Frankly, if the NFL gets this wrong, it’ll be another embarrassing blow to Roger Goodell and the overseeing NFL brain trust.

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Considering Metcalf was participating in an NBA event and the alleged performance-enhancing drug use relies on a social media post, players may end up ‘disliking’ the commissioner’s oversight.

Or it could be fake drama stirred by Metcalf; it’s hard to tell nowadays.

Last season was another star-making performance by Metcalf. He recorded over 1,000 receiving yards, his second in four years, and marked a career-high in receptions with 90.

On July 2022, DK signed a three-year, $72 million contract extension with the Seahawks.

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