Mac McClung Caps Off Wild Week With Slam Dunk Contest Win

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Talk about a wild week for Mac McClung.

The 24-year-old has just two NBA games under his belt — one with the Bulls and one with the Lakers, both last season.

Still, he was on hand in Salt Lake City for the NBA All-Star Game slam dunk competition after signing a two-way deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Before Saturday night, McClung was known for his college career spent at Georgetown and Texas Tech. After that, he headed primarily to the G-League and had some social media posts go viral.

Now, everyone will know his name after he tore up the Slam Dunk Contest. McClung threw down three perfect-score dunks and one that was just shy of a perfect 50 points at 49.8.

I mean, you kind of have to see what he did to fully grasp how wild it was.

Yeah, just ridiculous. As you might expect, his performance shattered some brains on Twitter.

Wild stuff, and while you may have had a good week, it pales in comparison to what Mac McClung has had going on.

Here, let’s take a second to recap:

You can’t make this up. This is like the NBA’s version of when John Scott was a captain at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game In Nashville, then went on to score a few goals and was named the game’s MVP.

Not the same, but similar… kind of.

At least if any hockey guys clicked on this story accidentally and made it to the end, everything makes a bit more sense now.

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