NFL Playoff Proposal Involving Potential Neutral Site AFC Title Game, Coin Flip For Seeding Gets Approved

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NFL owners voted to approve a plan that creates a possibility of the AFC title game being played on a neutral site. Owners also agreed on home-field advantage for a wild-card game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens being determined by a coin flip.

The vote came as a result of Monday night’s Bills-Bengals game being canceled following the Damar Hamlin incident.


The potential scenarios involve the Bills, Bengals, Ravens, and Chiefs. You can read the full resolution via the NFL here.

Here are the scenarios that could unfold via the NFL’s passed playoff proposal:

If Buffalo and Kansas City both win or tie, a Bills-Chiefs championship game would be played on a neutral site.

If the Bills and Chiefs both lose and Baltimore beats or ties with Cincinnati, a Bills-Chiefs championship game would be held at a neutral site as well.

If the Bills and Chiefs both lose this weekend and Cincinnati wins, a Bills or Bengals vs. Chiefs championship game would be at a neutral site.

As for the coin-flip scenario to play out, the Ravens have to beat the Bengals on Sunday and have to be matched up against Cincinnati for the wild-card game. If Cincinnati wins or the two teams aren’t matched up against each other, regular scheduling occurs.

The Chiefs visit the Raiders on Saturday while the Bills host the Patriots on Sunday, and the Ravens play visitor to the Bengals that same afternoon.

Written by Mark Harris

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