NFL Network’s Jamie Erdahl Drops On-Air S-Bomb

Good Morning Football viewers got a taste of a Jamie Erdahl expletive first thing Monday morning.

Erdahl was discussing Tua Tagovailoa’s unreal day and the Dolphins’ fourth-quarter comeback, and she was very excited about it.

Some would say a little too excited, especially when she compared Tagovailoa’s performance on Sunday to his showing in Alabama’s national championship game against Georgia in 2018.

Erdahl mentioned how Tua was sacked on his first snap in overtime that game, and Nick Saban was “losing his sh-t.”

It was on cable, so no harm, no foul. Still, most NFL Network viewers probably aren’t used to hearing that come through their TVs at such an early hour.

A lot of the fun came from the reaction Erdahl’s fleeting expletive got from co-host Kyle Brandt, who shot a quick Jim Halpert-like (or Tim Canterbury-like, if you prefer the original version) glance straight into the camera.

While the vast majority don’t care if Erdahl lets a swear word or two slip, she still owned up to it. She took to Twitter to apologize for her salty language.

After this past weekend’s slate of unbelievably wild NFL games, a lot of us were swearing just as much as Jamie Erdahl.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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