NFL Media Wants You To Think The NFL Is Racist Against Black Coaches

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With all the talk about NFL and racism, you might have forgotten that there are six NFL playoff games over the next three days. In the eyes of sports networks, Super Wild Card Weekend is an afterthought. Instead, everyone is focusing on the skin colors of each NFL head coach.

If you’ve watched any sports-talk programs on Friday or logged onto Twitter, you’re aware that there’s currently one black head coach, Mike Tomlin. That’s the lead story in sports media today. Even ESPN insider Adam Schefter felt obligated to point out this statistic.

On Thursday, Schefter tweeted to his 9 million followers that “Mike Tomlin currently is the NFL’s only [b]lack head coach.” Though journalists are supposed to provide context to the information they share, Schefter failed to provide any context here. Instead, Schefter purposely incited racial division, probably so he could fit in with the crowd.

Schefter and the rest of the football media chose to push this narrative aggressively because they know it won’t last. They are cherry-picking to create controversy that otherwise wouldn’t exist and to ingratiate themselves with their fellow bluechecks in sports journalism.

A quarter of the teams in the NFL have a coaching vacancy right now, and several of the openings will go to black coaches, which even Schefter acknowledges. Hack reporters like Kim Martin won’t acknowledge this fact. She prefers to label the entire sports world racist on ESPN shows, like First Take, which hardly allows white people to participate.

Ian Rapoport, Schefter’s competitor, reported that black coaches Todd Bowles, Brian Flores, Jerod Mayo will each soon fill one of the NFL head coaching vacancies. If and when these guys are hired, the NFL will then have four black head coaches out of 32 head coaching positions. 

How many black head coaches would suffice anyway? OutKick founder Clay Travis received an email today asking a similar question, and as it happens, he and I have come up with fairly similar responses.

Will four black coaches be enough? That’d be 12.5 percent, or about on par with the black population in the United States. But because members of the media have never told us how many they want, we’ll never know how many black coaches it will take to keep them from crying “RACISM!” every NFL hiring/firing season.

See, the Left has never made clear how many representatives of each race each job needs. So we are left guessing.

Around 70 percent of the NFL players are black. That hardly seems diverse. In fact, that means that white, Hispanic, and Asians make up only a combined 30 percent. That actually sounds rather racist.

Taking a closer look at individual positions gives us an even more frightening picture. There aren’t any Asian running backs in the NFL. For some reason, white guys don’t get to play cornerback. We can’t find any Hispanic wide receivers either. And there are three NFL halftime shows on Sunday, all of which are hosted by black people.

You can go on and on and on. There’s always going to be at least two or three races that are underrepresented at every position, yet the media picks and chooses when to cry foul.

The thing is, everybody knows the NFL is the closest thing to a meritocracy we have. NFL owners want to win and win fast. That’s all they care about. And they are certainly not unfair to black people.

As Clay Travis notes, the NFL has created more black millionaires than any business in world history. Not only do black players make up nearly three-quarters of the entire league, but four of the highest-paid players in NFL history are also black quarterbacks. That may ruin the promotion for Jemele Hill’s upcoming Fear of a Black Quarterback special, but it remains true nonetheless.

The NFL is not racist. Frankly, at this point, it seems those calling the NFL racist are the true racists. They don’t see people as football players or coaches anymore. All they see is race.

Stunning but, sadly, not surprising.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. “Around 70 percent of the NFL players are black. That hardly seems diverse. In fact, that means that white, Hispanic, and Asians make up only a combined 30 percent. That actually sounds rather racist.”

    Athletes TRYOUT and COMPETE to be on the FEILD or COURT. Coaches are CHOSEN you damn fools. That’s the reason for the Rooney Rule. There is NO MORE EXPLANATION than that. You and Clay sound like DAMN FOOLS with that WEAK ASS argument and you probably wrote that bullshit with a straight face. You Very Fine People on the Right are amazing.

  2. HellFire .. I think the whole NFL and The NBA should be All Black from the Commissioner to the cheerleaders … Would that effect the TV audience and advertisers ??? I have no clue. 95% of the ads now feature Black actors so I assume the NFL / NBA have predominately black audiences.
    I don’t watch either league and haven’t for 3 years. Our resident ABG can own a team. Why Not?

  3. Michael Wilbon went on a rant about this on PTI yesterday. One of the things he said was that even when hired, Black coaches are never given a chance and are fired early in their times with their teams. Uh, Michael …. how about Marvin Lewis with the Bengals? Jim Caldwell with the Colts, then Lions? And of course, Mike Tomlin with the Steelers and Tony Dungy with the Colts. Heck, even Hue Jackson was retained by the Browns after 1-15 and 0-16 seasons! As you like to say all the time on the show, Michael … SHUT UP.

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