Jemele Hill, Donovan McNabb To Host Dishonest Special On Discrimination Against Black QBs

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ViceTV is proudly sending around an email today announcing its upcoming special, “Fear of a Black Quarterback.”

Jemele Hill, Donovan McNabb, and Shaun King are among the contributors. (It has been clarified that the Shaun King who will appear is the former QB Shaun King, not the fraud Shaun King.) We can hold out hope, though.

Looking forward to hearing Jemele’s honest commentary, are you?

In a press release, Vice TV says the special will focus on “discrimination black players in [the QB] position have faced” and how the “logline continues.”

Continues, huh?

I get that there’s a push to call all things racist, but these media hacks do such a poor job targeting their topics.

On the day of the NFL Draft, ESPN heavily promoted a column in The Undefeated that falsely claimed the NFL is trying to keep the QB “position as white as the painted yard lines on the field.”

As white as the painted yard lines.

What in the hell?

By the way, Mac Jones, who is white, was ultimately drafted after both Justin Fields and Trey Lance, who are black.

The narrative that the NFL is holding back black QBs is also rather strange at a time when the highest-paid QB in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, is black. In fact, Mahomes is the highest-paid player in NFL history.

The second-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Dak Prescott, is black.

The third-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Deshaun Watson, is black.

The fourth-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Russell Wilson, is black.

And despite the claims of ESPN and Max Kellerman, the NFL Draft isn’t racist either. Jameis Winston, who narrowly avoided rape charges in college, went first overall. Jamarcus Russell, Cam Newton, Kyler Murray, and Michael Vick also went first overall. Do those count or not?

As OutKick’s Clay Travis wrote in May, this argument is tired and “at least two generations old”:

Because media personalities are rewarded for yelling “that’s racist,” there are days they must either manufacture stories on racism or, as is the case here, pretend a problem from decades ago still exists to keep the grift alive.

In the NFL, the best players make the most money. The best player at each position starts. Oddly, that’s not good enough.

So I sincerely ask: what is it that Vice, Jemele Hill, ESPN, USA Today want? Do they want fewer white QBs? For 70% of NFL’s QBs to be black, the NFL’s average across all positions?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Agreed with all the comments. How can anyone take Talcum X seriously? Max, I know right, the irony and idiocy. (Robb) you hit the nail on the head, all of this shit in the 21st century is what you said and trying to stay relevant. Sad its real sad.

  2. Percentage of Americans that are Black: ~13%
    Percentage of starting QBs in the NFL that are Black: ~30%

    This special might have made sense in the 80s or 90s, but ummmmm….what are they talking about here?

  3. One can only hope they find a way to include Joy Reid in this. Maybe “Maxine” and Michelle “Big Mo” Obama too! And maybe The Oprah too … Yes got to have The Oprah!

    How many clowns can fit in this itty bitty car ????

  4. I’d care more about discrimination against white RB’s & WR’s. Demographically, THAT claim would have far more merit. But owners aren’t racial bean counters…they generally start the players who’ll win. Should you expect anything else from an ignorant, racist pig like Jemele Hill, or any of the other suspects?

    • Really disappointed to know that Shaun King will be taking part. That 99 bucs team he QB’d got the SHAFT against the rams that year. Emmanuel caught that pass! But he’s an un/misinformed useful black idiot for the dems as it turns out. Sad!

  5. Jamarcus Russell.
    Michael Vick.
    Kyler Murray.
    Cam Newton.
    Robert Griffin III
    Steve McNair (3rd overall pick 1995)
    Donovan McNabb (2nd overall 1999)
    Vince Young

    ???????? How many have to be drafted too 5 before the *GASLIGHTING BULLSHIT* stops ?

  6. These people are never satisfied always some grievance to whine about how about we just quit trying do you see the whites complaining about the chicom league which is what 90% black the answer is no you don’t this race of people are just about always feeling sorry for themselves. And when they don’t get their own way the result to rioting, looting, burning, and assaulting people just amazing .

  7. To be honest, if Outkick hadn’t promoted this, I along with everyone else would have never known about it. There must be a problem with not enough content for conservative leaning websites that they always tell us what MSNBC or CNN or some other leftist news organization is doing or says thus giving them free publicity.

    • Point taken but unfortunately if your not aware of everything going on around you this kind of stuff can quickly build momentum and eventually overwhelm us. Look what is happening with that CRT nonsense they are trying to sneak into the schools.

  8. Over under us fifteen minutes on how long it will take to drag Rush through the mud over McNabb. That’s the only reason he’s on this. To talk about how he was discriminated against when that narrative is a crock of excrement.

  9. I’m curious about who would watch this? Are there white men who hate themselves so much they would actually tune in? I truly don’t understand how these racist “commentators” have an audience large enough to warrant a paying job. Man, there must be a lot more fucked up whites than I realize to support these assholes.

    • It is all the social media losers who watch this and don’t watch sports who think this is true. Social media plays to the fringes (LGBTQFU, victims, beta males) so they just keep sharing and playing, sharing and playing. I agree though, who in their right mind that is a sports fan could watch something like this and agree at all. Black QB’s in the NFL not getting fair chances died sometime after Doug Williams won the SB. It is a joke of a topic from 3 clowns and an overly woke Vice News.

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