NFL Made Bengals Fan Take Down Sign Making Fun Of Roger Goodell

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Cincinnati Bengals fans had fun at the expense of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during Sunday’s home game against the Baltimore Ravens, but the league certainly didn’t appreciate it.

According to Bengals fan Jim Foster, the NFL made fans at Paycor Stadium take down signs that were critical of Goodell.

Foster shared pictures of two signs on Twitter, one with Goodell wearing a clown nose and another with the phrase’ NFL, you won’t stop us,’ and claimed the league forced fans to remove them.

“We think NY called and had our banner taken down,” Foster told FOX19. “The security folks were very nice to us. We are good. They were very nice about it.”

Cincinnati fans weren’t pleased with Goodell and the league for its ruling earlier in the week leaving the fate of a Wild Card matchup in the figurative hands of a coin flip due to the Bills-Bengals game being canceled.

If the Ravens would have knocked off the Bengals on Sunday then home-field advantage for the Wild Card matchup would have come down to a coin flip. That scenario didn’t play out, however, as the Bengals took care of business and will host the Ravens again this Sunday night in the Wild Card round.

Fans weren’t the only ones that poked fun at the league commissioner on Sunday. Bengals cornerback Eli Apple held up a massive coin with Goodell’s face on it sporting a clown nose.

It’ll be interesting to see if any news of a fine is headed Apple’s way.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. I had less of a problem with the coin flip nonsense than I do with the potential of Cincy having to go to Buffalo in the divisionals. I certainly understand the NFL designating a neutral site for the AFC Championship should Buffalo and KC get there, assuming that if Buffalo had beaten Cincy on MNF they would’ve been the #1 seed. What I don’t get is why the same logic wasn’t used for a potential Buffalo-Cincy divisional game, assuming that if Cincy had beaten Buffalo on MNF then they would’ve been the #2 seed. Seems unfair to the Bengals, especially after the way they have accommodated and supported the Bills throughout this ordeal.

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