NFL Investigating Another Wave Of Gambling Violations: REPORT

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The NFL might not be done suspending people for violating the league’s gambling policy.

Individuals involved with the NFL, including staff and players, are strictly prohibited from gambling on any sports. The only gambling players may do is non-sports related gambling at legal casinos, such as blackjack or slots, according to the league’s written policy.

So far, seven players have received suspensions of varying severity for violating this policy. The most famous example was Calvin Ridley getting an entire year for making relatively small bets on NFL games.

Four members of the Detroit Lions were also recently suspended, along with two other players, for betting on sports. Quintez Cephus and Shaka Tony got at least a year for betting on NFL games. Jameson Williams, a former first round pick, got six games.

Calvin Ridley was suspended a season after gambling on NFL games. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The NFL reportedly is looking at more gambling violations.

Well, it sounds like more suspension might be on the way. ESPN reported Monday that the league “is investigating a second wave of potential violations of its gambling policy.”

ESPN didn’t specify if its players or other personnel who are being looked at. No specific names were mentioned in the report.

If more suspensions are coming, it would be the latest example of people blatantly disregarding the NFL’s crystal clear rules on gambling.

Quintez Cephus has been suspended a year for gambling on NFL games. The Lions later cut him. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Why would players risk millions to gamble?

While most sports fans are all for legal sports gambling, it doesn’t make sense why an NFL player would throw away their career to gamble.

Rules are rules. You don’t have a constitutional right to gamble on sports. When you join the NFL, you agree to certain rules.

The rules are what the rules are, and it’s stated clear as day gambling on sporting events isn’t allowed. Below is the specific language of the policy that has repeatedly been violated.

There’s no room for interpretation. Gambling on sports as a member of the NFL is simply not tolerated.

The NFL’s gambling policy is crystal clear. (Credit: NFL)

Yet, seven players have been caught doing it, and it sounds like the NFL might be ready to unleash hell on some more people. Risking millions of dollars in contract money to gamble is next level stupid. Stick to the field and let the rest of us focus on wagering.

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