No Fun League Strikes Again, Threatens Punishment For Smashing Tablets After Tom Brady Outburst Despite Having Endless Money

The NFL has so much money. But apparently not enough to replace a few tablets here and there throughout the year.

During Tampa Bay’s win over New Orleans last week, Tom Brady got very angry. The league’s oldest active player went over to the sideline, let his out his frustration, and smashed a tablet against the bench. And apparently he didn’t stop there.

According to reports, Brady didn’t just break one tablet. He broke at least two, and a third broken tablet was later seen on the Buccaneers sideline. So the greatest quarterback of all-time may have unleashed his rage on three separate league-issued electronics.

It was pretty awesome to see Brady be human and it got people talking about the NFL. It was also a great plug for Microsoft. Even the company’s product chief cracked a joke.

All-in-all, while angry outbursts are not ideal, it couldn’t be less of a big deal.

However, the NFL has decided that smashing a tablet is actually a huge deal.

Because of course it has. The No Fun League strikes again.

In response to last Sunday’s sideline smash, per Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer, the league sent a memo to all 32 teams during the week and threatened punishment for breaking any league-issued equipment.


The NFL, which is worth billions and billions — if not trillions — of dollars, is upset over a few tablets. Microsoft Surface tablets cost about $650/700 resale. The NFL either gets them at wholesale price, or comped by the technology corporation sponsor. Likely the latter.

And yet, we’re going to threaten punishment for throwing one (or two or three) at the ground? What are they going to do, fine someone? Suspend him?

It is truly astonishing how petty the NFL can be. Perhaps it is concerned about cost, but it is probably concerned about image.

Roger Goodell and his cronies may not like when players show emotion on the sideline, but everybody else does. Especially the people who are watching at home.

What are we doing?! WHO CARES?!

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. your right, every player should have a tablet, to throw, smash, kick or all three. Then we can have a drone covering it so all the kids see how to do it like the pros. this isn’t the first time for Ol’ Tom. he does this at least one time a year. so, this is what you find important?

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