New Suitor Aims To Purchase Twitter Before Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is tired of weaving through the politics of changing Twitter from the inside.

So instead, he’s proposing to buy all of it … prompting the elites to band together and figure out a way to thwart such a purchase.

On Thursday, Musk announced his intention to potentially buy Twitter at a $10 premium and a stock price of $54.20 ($41 billion value).

But he may have some competition.

Thoma Bravo, a private-equity firm owned by Puerto Rican billionaire Orlando Bravo, has entered the bidding war as a source connected to the New York Post revealed the firm’s intention to out-bid Musk.

An estimated total for Bravo’s pitch has not been reported.

However, the bid falls outside Bravo’s typical business model: primarily dealing with B2B tech firms rather than direct-to-consumer companies.

“Is there a rigged game in place where people throw everything they can at Elon Musk to keep him from buying Twitter?” Clay asked on Thursday’s OutKick the Show, predicting how gatekeepers for free speech will intervene and prohibit Musk from bringing free speech back to the enterprise.

Twitter currently finds itself in a state of freefall as Musk considers his position as a shareholder of the company if the sale is not approved.

Should Musk withdraw his 9.2 percent stake, Twitter’s valuation would surely plummet; thus making it necessary for a company to fill in the fiscal void if Musk exits.

One fellow Twitter stakeholder filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Musk on Tuesday related to a complaint with the SEC over the Tesla CEO’s delayed claim of 9.2 percent of the company.

When a Saudi Arabian Prince and Twitter shareholder, Alwaleed bin Tala, publicly denounced Musk’s bid for the company on Thursday, Musk responded:

“Interesting. Just two questions, if I may: How much of Twitter does the Kingdom own, directly & indirectly? What are the Kingdom’s views on journalistic freedom of speech?” 

On Sunday, Musk declined his invite to join Twitter’s board of directors, leaving audiences and free-speech proponents to wonder what would transpire from Musk’s handling of Twitter.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Shareholders will decide take the nice premium or EM dumps all his stock and it tanks in other words don’t fuck with the genius all these other so called billionaires not one has put in a bid all talk as usual

  2. Ha! This is gonna be some funny shit if what I think is about to happen, happens.
    Gonna be a lot of mad Marxist/Socialists.
    And I fucking love that!
    Also funny that it seems to be pulled right out of George Soros’ playbook.

  3. Elon is great. Whatever this PR billionaire is offering, I doubt it will be as high as Elon’s offer. And fuck the royal Saudi family. Drill baby drill and bury them. Let them drink their oil, it will be the same price as water. And Elon’s response to them was spot on.

  4. Can’t all the right wingers just get off Twitter once and for all? What happened to Parler? If there’s no bogeyman to denigrate they won’t like their echo chamber so much – and it won’t have as much impact. It’ll be just like California and NYC and Chicago…

    • What happened to “Parler?” The same thing that will happen to Twitter if Elon gets hold of it. Parler was squarely blamed for the so-called “Jan6 Insurrection” (which obviously was not) and kicked off it’s servers until they agreed to comply with the “woke” crowd and censor anything the DeepState didn’t like. Once Parler’s rules mirrored Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, what was the point of being on it? I closed my account and walked away – just like millions of others, I assume – since it is just another cancel-culture venue.

      If you think DeepState isn’t capable of pulling off Another “Witmer Kidnapping” or “Jan6 insurrection” or “Subway shooting,” you’re living in a daydream bubble. Most likely, DeepState will do another school shooting and plant a convo on Twitter with the “boys” planning it – probably in gross detail.

      Twitter is dead if Elon buys it; the DeepState will kill it– and hopefully, if the Board rejects his offer, when Elon dumps his stock and Twitter will die.

      [BTW, by the agreement to “do what’s best for the Company,” Twitter must accept Elon’s offer or Elon sells and the stock price tanks, which opens all the board members up to a HUGE liability lawsuit.]

  5. This is the guy that puts people in space I won’t mention the other stuff I don’t think titter will be a problem still waiting for the other load mouth billionaires to put in a bid so far nothing but talk as usual EM does the others just flap their pie holes

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