College Football Player With Stellar Mustache Savagely High-Fives Teammate Mid-Play During Big Playoff Touchdown Run

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Saturday was a success for the New Hampshire Wildcats football program. Not only did they win their First Round FCS Playoff matchup against Fordham, they did so in style.

New Hampshire, which finished the season at 8-3, hosted the Rams in Durham for a chance to face eight-seed Holy Cross in the second round. It was a high-scoring affair that ended with the home team holding off a late comeback to defeat the visitors 52-42 and advance.

To open the scoring, running back Dylan Laube went 87 yards for six less than five minutes into the first quarter. Quarterback Max Brosmer set up the Wildcats offense at their own 13-yard-line, took the snap, and flipped the ball out to his backfield-mate on an RPO swing pass screen.

Laube took it from there. He took off down the sideline, ran both through and past a would-be tackler, got out in front of the defense, and scored.

Although Laube never looked back, the gloriously mustachioed junior did look to his left. There, he found that wide receiver Brian Espanet was running alongside him as something of an escort.

With no Fordham defenders in sight, Espanet turned his focus from blocking to celebrating. He caught up with Laube at about the 27-yard-line, who reached out his hand for a high-five.

Espanet happily obliged and the two New Hampshire players slapped hands mid-play en route to the end zone. It was savage.

Now, if the officiating crew hated fun, it very easily could have flagged the play for excessive celebration. Fortunately, the referees decided to let the boys play and the touchdown stood.

From there, the New Hampshire Wildcats went on to win by 10.

The kept them alive in the playoffs. It also sends them on the road to Massachusetts to face the Crusaders, who stayed undefeated on a WILD trick play earlier this season.

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