Pandemonium In Massachusetts As Holy Cross Uses ‘Philly Special’ Trick Play For Electric Walk-Off Win In Overtime

Don’t look now, but Holy Cross is 8-0 after a walk-off win in overtime on Saturday. The Crusaders, who entered the weekend ranked No. 8 in the FCS Coaches Poll, reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out a one-point win on a gutsy trick play. It was electric.

After 60 minutes of play, both Fordham and Holy Cross were tied at 45. The visiting Rams got the ball first in overtime, scored, and made the PAT to take a seven-point lead.

In response, the Crusaders took over on offense and answered with a touchdown of their own. Rather than kicking the extra point and sending the game to double overtime, head coach Bob Chesney decided to put his stones on the table.

Holy Cross called an electric trick play in overtime.

To do so, he dialed up a ‘Philly Special,’ hold the special. The namesake, of course, stems from the Philadelphia Eagles’ trick play against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, where Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass on the throwback.

However, it wasn’t quite the same in Worcester, Mass. on Saturday.

Quarterback Matthew Sluka took the snap and handed the ball off to wide receiver Justin Shorter, who came in motion from the right side. Shorter took the ball to the left edge and handed it off to Ayir Asante, who was coming back across the field on the reverse.

As Asante came back across the field, Sluka slipped into the flat and was wide open. His services were not necessary. Asante had a clear lane to the end zone, turned up field, and scored the walk-off touchdown. Pandemonium ensued.

Although Sluka probably wanted his chance at pass-catching glory, he was surely not upset with the outcome. It was a gutsy call in a massive spot and it paid off. Holy Cross can’t stop winning.

Written by Grayson Weir

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