Nevada Democrats To Fine Schools $5,000 Per Day That Do Not Allow Biological Males To Compete In Girl’s Sports

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Nevada Democrats have made it clear that they have no issue with school-aged biological males using girl’s locker rooms or competing in girl’s sports. Schools who refuse to allow trans-identifying biological males from participating in girl’s sports will now be punished financially.

What is being called ‘the Bud Light Amendment’ by some was passed on Friday without a hearing. The amendment places an administrative penalty of $5,000 per day on school board in Nevada that don’t allow students to participate in “school activities” based on their “gender identity or expression.” 


The amendment to the bill that was passed with unanimous, bipartisan support received zero Republican votes. The only support the amendment received was courtesy of Democrats.

According to Fox News, the bill was amended to read that “a board of trustees shall not adopt a policy that limits the access of a pupil because of race, religious creed, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, familial status or sex, to school facilities or activities.”

Any school that violates the amendment by not allowing students to use facilities or participate in activities based on their gender identity will be penalized.

The bill with the added amendment will soon fall on Gov. Joe Lombardo’s desk with Democrats hoping the Republican leaders signs it.

Republican State Senator Ira Hansen blasted the Dem’s decision to pass the amendment without a hearing.

Governor Lombardo has opposed similar proposals made by Nevada Democrats in the past to essentially ruin women’s sports in his state. The governor has shown that he possesses common sense and believes athletes should compete in sports based on their biological sex, not what they identity as.

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