Nets Owner Joe Tsai Continues To Be A Clown, Reportedly Refused To Trade Kyrie Irving To His Preferred Destination

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Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai has accomplished two things this NBA season: ignore how he has financially benefited from atrocities committed by the Chinese government and make Kyrie Irving’s life as difficult as he possibly can.

Irving surprisingly requested a trade from the Nets last week and was eventually dealt to the Dallas Mavericks. According to NBA insider Marc Stein, Irving’s preferred destination was the Los Angeles Lakers, but Tsai made it a “presumed objective” to not allow that to happen.

Shortly after reports broke about Irving being shipped to Dallas, LeBron James sent a simple three-word tweet insinuating he wanted Irving in Los Angeles.

Joe Tsai Has Had It Out For Kyrie Irving

The Nets’ grudge against Irving began last season when general manager Sean Marks – certainly influenced by Tsai – banned Irving from playing due to his unvaccinated status.

New York City had a mandate in place that kept Irving from playing in home games or Madison Square Garden, but the team kept him from playing road games for an extended period of time as well.

Fast-forward to November 2022 and Tsai went public with his thoughts about Irving after the point guard shared a tweet about an anti-semitic film. While Tsai was right to condemn Irving’s tweet, it’s hypocritical as he continues to not be held accountable for his own actions.


Other than being the owner of the Nets and an advocate of China’s communist regime, Tsai is a co-founder and the executive vice chairman of the Chinese tech company Alibaba. The tech company reportedly funded technology widely used by China to track its citizens in a region where over one million Uighur Muslims were forced into ‘re-education’ camps.

To recap, Tsai and the Nets kept Irving from doing his job because he elected not to get the jab. Then, Tsai was quick to condemn Irving, publically, about his anti-semitic tweet and kept him from being traded to his desired franchise all while not saying a peep about China’s genocide.

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