Wagner Football Snaps Insane Losing Streak, Begs Fans Not To Steal Goalposts

While us older folks were sleeping, and you youngins' were out partying, the Wagner football team snapped an insane losing streak late Friday night.

The Seahawks beat Long Island, 37-26, winning for the first time since Sept. 28, 2019.

Yes, your math is correct ... that's a whopping 1,119 days!

Coincidentally, Wagner's last win was also against Long Island (the Sharks STINK), and it would start a streak of 26 straight losses. Twenty. Six.

The folks in the Research Department tell me that was the longest losing streak in the FCS.

Some of the notable losses along the way include a 66-7 drubbing to Rutgers and a 59-0 beatdown by Syracuse earlier this year that was so bad the game was shortened to a 20-minute second half and the bets didn't count.

Quality win, Cuse!

Anyway, the 'Hawks were PUMPED after the final whistle Friday, giving us plenty of wholesome content that'll warm your soul on this chilly fall Saturday.

Wagner football team had lost 26 straight games

Could you imagine going that long without a win? Think about what was going on in the world the last time Wagner won a football game!

Actually, think about what wasn't going on ...

Donald Trump was still President. We had no idea what COVID was, or how stupid it would make us. That was the final season with full stadiums - or, frankly, any fans at all - until 2021.

Hell, Tom Brady was still in New England!

Imagine trying to sell a program to a recruit that hasn't won a game in over three years. Good luck.

Anyway, pretty cool moment for the now 1-6 Wagner Seahawks. Go crazy, folks! Just not too crazy, of course.

Keep the goalposts planted!

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