Virginia QB Would Like Do-Over After Throwing Two Pick-6s To Start Game Against Pitt

Virginia QB Brennan Armstrong could really use a mulligan or two today against Pittsburgh. Maybe even a bad internet connection so he could restart the game?

Unfortunately, the senior got none of those things.

What he did get, though, was the humiliation of throwing not one, but TWO pick-6s on back-to-back drives to start Saturday's game.

Have a day!

Virginia QB Brennan Armstrong throws two interceptions against Pittsburgh on first two passes.

My God. Two passes, two interceptions, two touchdowns and a 14-0 deficit before UVA fans have even found their seats. Horrific start.

That's the stuff nightmares are made out of, right there. It has to be your biggest fear as a QB, right? The stuff that keeps you awake at night in a cold sweat.

And he's at home, too!

Just absolute worst case scenario stuff to throw a pick-6 on your FIRST pass of the game, and then you follow it up by doing the exact same thing one pass later.

Don't worry, though. On the third Virginia drive, Armstrong completed a pass for five yards, the Cavaliers punted and then Pittsburgh drove the length of the field to go up 21-0.

So ... progress?

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