USC Runs Petty Fake PAT Up 3 Scores And Holder Executes Perfect Backflip

USC stuffed the Colorado Buffaloes in a locker while everyone was sleeping or partying Friday night, cruising to a 55-17 win.

And Lincoln Riley and the fellas had FUN along the way.

Will Rose, backup USC punter, gets his moment

Have a day!

What a moment for the HOLDER, of all people.

Look, being the holder isn't exactly the most glamorous job. Nobody knows your name unless you screw up in a crucial moment, you don't get any of the spotlight despite being on a legit D1 college football team, and you're probably not signing 6-figure NIL deals like Mr. Starting QB.

But moments like these make it all worth it.

You probably get 1-2 shots at pulling this off every year ... maybe. Nobody runs fake field goals/PATs anymore. Fake punts are all the rage right now, but apparently fake field goals are taboo.

Anyway, Lincoln dials it up for our guy Will Rose, and he not only pulls it off beautifully, but then gives Tyreek Hill a run for his money with a perfectly executed backflip.

By the way, when I say these guys almost never get their shot ... look at Will Rose's bio, courtesy of USC's official website.

2022: Rose will compete to become the starting punter as a walk-on redshirt junior in 2022. 

2021:  Rose did not see action as a backup punter as a walk-on redshirt sophomore in 2021.

2020:  Rose did not see action as a backup punter as a walk-on redshirt freshman in 2020.

2019:  Rose redshirted as a first-year freshman walk-on punter in 2019.

I don't care that it was petty to call a fake conversion when you're already pummeling them. Will Rose got his shot, executed it, and then celebrated like he hadn't seen the field since 2018.

Frankly, it's the only reasonable response.

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