UCLA Had Its Biggest Crowd Of The Year So Far But There Was Still Nobody In The Stands As Washington's Kicked Tried A Slide Tackle

UCLA football has an attendance problem. The Bruins entered the weekend at 4-0 and hosted the No. 15-ranked Washington Huskies on Friday night.

Nobody was there.

Now, to give UCLA fans some credit:

However, for the first time all season, school was in session. UCLA is on the quarter system, so it gets the academic calendar started later in September than most other colleges around the country.

And, again, IT WAS A TOP-15 OPPONENT!

After drawing an extremely small crowd against Bowling Green in Week 1, and an equally as terrible crowd during move-in week, there was no excuse. Fans should have been there on Friday.

But they weren't. It was nowhere close to sold out.

The crowd before kickoff was better than in weeks prior, but still embarrassing.

For those who did show up, they were treated to one of the weirdest college football moments of the season. Washington's kicker straight-up tried to slide tackle a UCLA return man as if he was playing soccer, not football.

It's unfortunate that no one was there to see it. Especially considering that UCLA jumped out to an early lead. The Bruins could have used some fans to help bring them home, but they weren't there.

Another week, another humiliating crowd for one of the "premier," "blue blood" programs in the Pac-12. Well, soon to be Big Ten. Pathetic.