The 5-7 Miami Hurricanes Want $100 Million For Football Facility And 'Podcast Room'

Coming off an embarrassingly bad 5-7 season, the Miami Hurricanes football team is requesting approval on a new $100 million indoor football facility.

You know what they say ... gotta strike while the iron's hot!

This bad boy will apparently include a 162,000 square foot football ops center, a 200,000 square foot garage, and different rooms for podcasts, simulators and recruiting.

Amenities will also include coaching offices, a new locker room, alumni lounge, and wellness facilities. Apparently, the parking garage will also be seven stories high with an 18,000 square-foot dining facility.

Miami Hurricanes are horrible in Mario Cristobal's first season

I don't know about you, but that sounds like an awful big ask from a Hurricanes program that was truly awful this season.

Despite coming into the year with a shiny new coach in Mario Cristobal and another good offseason of recruiting, the Hurricanes went 5-7 with a stunningly bad loss to Middle Tennessee State.

QB Tyler Van Dyke regressed big time, the offense was putrid -- including a 4OT win against Virginia that featured zero touchdowns from either side -- and the team was blown out of the water by both FSU and Pittsburgh.

I suppose Cristobal and Co. could use all of that as the reason WHY the Hurricanes need a $100 million football facility, but I'm not sure that's gonna fly.

Also not sure how a podcast room is gonna help you beat Clemson, but maybe I'm just naïve.

Anyway, the city of Coral Gables is gonna talk about this Christmas list item on Friday, so we'll check back then.

In the meantime, Twitter users had a field day with this one. Enjoy!

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