Texas A&M Shoots Cannon At Kneeling UMass Players, Has No Time For Pregame Prayers

A couple of praying Minutemen took on some heavy fire before the Texas A&M game.

Minutes before kickoff, two UMass players were kneeling in the corner of the end zone when the A&M cannons fired off a couple of warning shots right into their faces.

Talk about a low blow!

Holy smokes. Head on a swivel!

The two players - at least looking at the UMass roster - appear to be No. 23 Jalen Stewart and No. 49 Jalen Mackie.

They both very clearly didn't see the attack coming, and look pretty pissed before shaking it off and heading back to the sidelines.

Texas A&M cannon sparks Twitter debate

The A&M crowd appeared more ready for the impending attack than the players were, and were locked and loaded to catch it all on film.

Shockingly, Twitter was DIVIDED on the content. Some thought it was funny, while others called out A&M for being "classless."

I don't know, what do we think? Fair game or bad form?

On one hand, it's never great to shoot a cannon at anyone. I think we can all get on board with that? The fact that they were praying makes it look even worse.

Probably not the best idea to piss off the man upstairs before a game if you're A&M, especially with the season you've had.

But we also don't know the full story here. Was it a misfire? Just really, reallllllly bad timing? The perfect storm?

Who knows. The Minutemen are under siege in College Station, though. But hey, don't look now ... we have a SPICY 3-3 showdown in the second quarter.

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