Robert Griffin III Is Back At It, Makes Black Joke During Black Friday Game

Robert Griffin III continues to be an absolute content machine on ESPN college football telecasts.

The former Baylor star is on the call for Friday's Baylor-Texas showdown in Austin, and greeted viewers in typical RG3 style: with a subtle joke.

This time, though, it had nothing to do with sex.

Instead, Griffin utilized his skin color!

Robert Griffin III can't stop making sex jokes on ESPN

Another home run from our man RG3! Simple, crisp, to the point and timely. He hits all the right notes, and probably gives ESPN producers a little heart attack along the way.

The perfect storm!

Robert Griffin III has been on a tear all season in the booth, mixing in several subtle sex jokes each week.

Earlier this year, while calling Michigan’s Week 1 game against Colorado State, RGIII said that the Wolverines were having an “orgy” in the end zone.

It came out of absolutely nowhere and left college football fans in shambles.

A few weeks later, Griffin dropped a classic line about Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

Yep, you can probably guess the remark just by reading the name. Once again, RG3 didn't miss.

Our man wasn't done, either!

Later in that same game, Michigan State center Nick Samac was called for an illegal snap. Griffin III referred to the double clutch hesitation as “premature snapulation.”

Yes, it was in reference to exactly what you think it was in reference to.

Electric stuff from an ELECTRIC college football announcer.

Right now, it's pretty apparent that it's officially Robert Griffin III's world and we're all just living in it.

I, for one, am thankful for that on this Thanksgiving weekend.

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