Police Report Photos Show Broken Teeth, Bloody Scene in Tennessee DB Jaylen McCollough's Alleged Assault

OutKick has obtained the police report resulting from the alleged incident on Sunday involving University of Tennessee safety Jaylen McCollough. The report details what officers witnessed when arriving on the scene.

The report explains that the police were initially approached by the victim, Zion Spencer, who had "blood and swelling on his mouth, and had multiple missing and broken teeth."

McCollough was initially arrested Sunday night on a felony aggravated assault charge, and did not answer questions after being taken into custody.

His attorney, Chloe Akers, provided a statement on the matter on Tuesday. It read:

“Mr. McCollough is cooperating fully with both the University of Tennessee and Knoxville Police Department investigations into these allegations. He looks forward to a speedy resolution of this matter and maintains his complete innocence.” 

Police Report Shares Victim's Side Of The Story

According to Spencer, after retrieving some items from his car outside of an apartment complex, he mistakenly returned to the wrong building. OutKick had previously reported that Spencer had been drinking with friends in the same complex earlier in the day.

Spencer said he entered what he believed was his friend's apartment, before quickly realizing it was the wrong place. He apologized and left towards the common area stairs, according to the police report.

The report continues by describing what, in Spencer's words, happened to create his substantial injuries.

An "unknown male" pursued him to the stairs and "started getting aggressive." Spencer claims he then apologized again and said the man "didn't have to be a d*ck about it."

He was then pursued to the stairs and punched in the face, falling backwards down the stairs and losing consciousness, according to the report.

The police did confirm that there was indeed blood on the stairs that lead to the top of the building.

Spencer regained consciousness, and was being assisted by two people, one of whom was Ryan Castlin, McCollough's girlfriend.

After Castlin "called him back to the scene," police also observed that McCollough had his hand in bandages with "blood showing through the bandage."

Tennessee Gathering Information On Incident

On Monday, Tennessee coach Josh Heupel addressed the media. He said, "We learned of it really late yesterday and are gathering more information."

Heupel said the school would be investigating the incident and that there would be a discussion based on the facts. "As they gather information, we’ll have a conversation based on the facts of it and then go from there," Heupel said.

Tennessee hosts Alabama on Saturday in a premier college football showdown. McCollough's status for that game is unknown.

McCollough is scheduled to appear in a preliminary hearing on Friday, Nov. 18, at 8:30 a.m.

—Trey Wallace and Meg Turner contributed to this report