Ole Miss QB Nearly Loses Head From Vicious Facemask By Alabama Linebacker

Ole Miss QB Jaxson Dart is having himself a day against Alabama, but the sophomore nearly lost his noggin in the process.

Dart dropped back to pass early in the third quarter, and Alabama's Dallas Turner inadvertently twisted his head like a bottlecap while going for the sack.

Dart moved to his left at the last second trying to avoid the sack and as Turner went to grab his shoulder, instead got a handful of facemask.

And when I say this sucker got turned around ... I mean it.

Ole Miss QB Jaxson Dart on receiving end of vicious facemask penalty

Goodness gracious ... you know it's bad with there's a collective gasp from everyone in the stadium.

The CBS fellas were scared, the crowd was scared, and Taylor thought he just committed a murder on the field.

And don't tell me he meant to do that, either. Look at him! His hands immediately go up when Dart slams to the ground with his head contorted like a voodoo doll.

I know most of you don't like Gary Danielson, but I'm with hoarse Gary on this one. No way Dallas meant to do THAT.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the facemask of all facemasks. That's now the bar. Amazing that Jaxson Dart just got up and threw a touchdown pass a few plays later.

May need a little adjustment on Monday, but he's got a ballgame to win tonight.

Lock in.

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