Mike Leach Expresses Frustration With MSU Players For 'Eating Fish Sandwiches' With 'Fat Girlfriends' In Call Back To TTU Days

Mike Leach pulled out one of his classic lines on Saturday night after Mississippi State nearly choked away its game against Auburn. He called back to his days at Texas Tech and brought up his players' fat girlfriends.

Leach, who has served as the head football coach of the Bulldogs since 2020, was not happy with how his team finished against the Tigers. They were up 24-6 at halftime but allowed the visitors, in their first game with interim head coach Cadillac Williams, to come back in the second half and tie the score late in the fourth quarter.

As a result, the game went to overtime and Mississippi State hung on to win by six after Auburn squandered its first possession of the extra period.

Mike Leach had an interesting take on his players' effort.

Despite the victory, the 61-year-old head coach was not happy with his team's performance. During the second half, he had a not-so-friendly conversation with his wide receiver group and then went down the sideline folding up every chair and throwing them aside. The luxury of sitting must be earned.

Leach expressed his frustration after the game and used a unique analogy to do so— one that he admitted might get him in some trouble. He talked about his players wanting to "eat a fish sandwich and drink a lemonade" with their "fat little girlfriends" instead of playing hard.

Leach used a similar line once before. While at Texas Tech, he referenced how his players' "fat little girlfriends" were more compelling than playing up to the expected standard.

Saturday's comments was a call back to 2009, though there were some new wrinkles. Like the fish sandwich.

Obviously, Leach's comments explain his decision to fold up all of the chairs on the sideline. He doesn't want the Bulldogs to sit behind the figurative shade tree.