Mike Leach Folds Up Every Chair On Sideline Mid-Game As Punishment For His Players, Continues To Be One Of One

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Mike Leach believes that the luxury of sitting is earned, not given. At least, that was the message he gave to his team during Saturday’s game against Auburn.

Leach, who is currently the head coach at Mississippi State, is one of a kind. There is no one else like him in college football, if not in the world.

He does things his way and does not hold back what he is thinking. Whether it be a rant about people losing their hands, discovering the magic of live television in real-time, or planning weddings, Leach is always at the forefront of something entertaining.

That was the case again over the weekend as the Bulldogs hosted the Tigers in Starkville.

After jumping out to a 24-6 lead at halftime, Mississippi State allowed Auburn back into the game with a 13-point third quarter. Meanwhile, the Air Raid offense was completely deflated.

The Bulldogs gained a combined 35 yards on their first six drives of the second half. That is when Leach decided that his players no longer deserved to take a seat on the sideline.

At first, he called over his wide receiver group for a not-so-friendly chat. And then, rather than leaving his pass-catchers to think about what he had just said, Leach sent them away and took the time to fold up each of the chairs that were set-up on the sideline.

He didn’t have an assistant do it for him. He did it himself.

Mike Leach went angrily down the line, folding each individual chair before then throwing the folded chair aside.

While the behavior is certainly unique, there is a method to his madness. If the players aren’t doing what they are supposed to do on the field, why should they be granted a luxury off of the field?

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