Michigan Coach Pours Salt In Ohio State's Wound: 'Basic Stuff'

Matt Weiss, Michigan's co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, poured salt in Ohio State's still festering wound from last weekend's beatdown in Columbus.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Weiss admitted the Michigan offense did nothing special in Saturday's 45-23 drubbing. In fact, he said, it was all "Day 1 stuff."

"As it turned out, we didn't really have to use a lot of the stuff we had saved up," he added. "A lot of the stuff we hit was base, Day 1 training camp stuff ... really, just basic stuff."

Matt Weiss, Michigan OC, surprised with Ohio State defense

Yeah, Ohio State is down bad right now.

The Wolverines crushed the Buckeyes on their home turf, basically locked themselves into the playoffs, and recruits are even choosing Big Blue over OSU after the poor showing.

Michigan hit several big plays against what was thought to be a good Ohio State defense, including three touchdowns of at least 69 yards (nice), and one 45-yard bomb.

Weiss later said he was surprised by how the Buckeyes chose to play them. Of course, he wasn't complaining!

"No one had really tried to do that ... very few teams just came up and played with no depth in their defense," he said. "I don't know if that was something they planned to do all along for us, or if it was something they saw. But whatever the reason, we just quickly adjusted."

Chin up, Buckeye fans. There's always next year!

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