Kansas Is Officially A Football School Now Thanks To Insane Run By Daniel Hishaw

Kansas running back Daniel Hishaw would like everyone to know Kansas is officially a football school.

It's Kansas-Duke week, and all eyes are on the ... football field? Yep. That's right, baby!

Daniel Hishaw doesn't wanna hear any of your basketball talk today.

Look at this play:

Daniel Hishaw scores crazy touchdown for Kansas

Insane play by Hishaw, but an even better call by Eric Collins.

"LOOK AT HISHAW GOOOOOOO" as the vocal chords officially reach their limit was the perfect way to call this play. Look out, Gus Johnson!

What a run by Hishaw, who checks in at 5-foot-10, 215 pounds. An absolute tank who chugs 70 yards downfield while breaking three tackles. Good luck taking that cat down.

How about the atmosphere at Kansas? Electric stuff for a basketball school.

The Jayhawks are 3-0 for the first time since 2009, and the folks in Lawrence are FIRED up.

The Kansas offense is averaging 53 points per game, which ranked third in the country coming into the weekend, and the team's 159 total points was tied for the most over that span in KU history.

Kansas announced earlier in the week the game was a sellout for the first time since 2019. So far, the Jayhawks are giving the fans their money's worth.

Duke, by the way, ain't backing down. The Blue Devils hit a field goal right before the half to cut the Kansas lead to 21-13.

Despite Hishaw's heroics, Jayhawks QB Jalon Daniels has been the star of the show so far. The junior finished the first half 11-12, with 200 yards and three touchdowns.

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