Iowa Runs One Of The Worst Fake Punts You'll Ever See Against Ohio State

The Iowa Hawkeyes' offense is so inept, Kirk Ferentz decided to turn to his special teams Saturday against Ohio State to possibly provide a spark.

It did not work.

Trailing 13-7 and deep in their own territory, Iowa decided to risk it all and ran a laughably bad fake punt that looked doomed from the onset.

FOX even did us a favor and gave viewers a POV of the entire thing, and it was glorious.

Iowa fake punt doesn't stand a chance against Ohio State

Honestly, it's hard to separate the live footage from the slow motion replay, that's how bad this play was.

The punter had one last chance to bail, too. The line of scrimmage is the 30, and he's still behind it AND in punting motion (is that what it's called?) when he sees three OSU players right in front of him..

It's pretty clear right about now that he has ZERO chance of getting the first down, much less making it out of this situation alive.

Instead of making the right business decision, this cat decides to play hero and gets smothered well behind the first down marker.

Honestly, he owes those three defenders a beer or two after the season, because they took it EASY on him. Our guy could've easily been sent into the third row, but they gave him a pass and I respect them for it.

Anyway, I reckon it was a better call than just continuing to let QB Spencer Petras sling it around. And by sling it, I mean throw a laughably bad interception on the very first play of the game.

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