Georgia DT Jalen Carter Avoids Jail Time For Role In Fatal Car Accident By Taking Plea Deal Before NFL Draft

Former Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter will not serve any jail time before, or after, the NFL Draft. The 21-year-old has entered a deal with Athens-Clarke County solicitors, per his attorney Kim Stephens.

Carter, a potential Top-10 pick in April, was arrested earlier this month on charges of racing and reckless driving. The arrest stemmed from his role in the fatal crash on Jan. 15 which took the lives of Georgia player Devin Willock and recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy.

After the warrant was issued while Carter was at the NFL Combine, he returned back to Athens and answered to the charges. He later returned to Indianapolis after promising to be exonerated.

Now, 15 days since the warrant was issued, Carter has pled no contest. As a result, he will receive 12 months of probation, must pay a $1,000 fine, and has to serve 80 hours of community service.

Jalen Carter will not serve jail time.

A statement from Stephens said that Carter "never left the scene" of the tragic, fatal accident.

He stopped his car after the accident occurred and ran toward the wrecked vehicle while his passenger called 911. Even after being informed he could leave, Mr. Carter returned to the scene at the request of Athens-Clarke County Police Department to answer additional questions and continued to cooperate with the investigation.

Stephens also said that her client's actions did not cause the accident on Jan. 15.

If the investigation had determined otherwise, he would have been charged with the far more serious offenses of vehicular homicide and serious injury by vehicle.

She also spoke to Carter's sobriety.

Jalen Carter had not been drinking alcohol and was not under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance at the time of the wreck. If there had been any suspicion that Mr. Carted had consumed alcohol or used an illegal substance when Athens-Clarke County police officers and investigators spoke to him at the scene, following the accident, they would have arrested him for DUI.

Carter's plea deal was announced one day after his Pro Day, at which he struggled through the end of his position drills. He did not speak to the media after the event, but head coach Kirby Smart spoke to his player and his draft stock.

Georgia's Carter was previously set to appear in court on April 18. The NFL Draft will take place on April 27.

Carter has proved himself to be an on-field force during his time with the Bulldogs. His plea deal will only help his draft stock. The questions now come down to which team is willing to take a chance on Carter during the NFL Draft and when.