Did An Army Receiver Just Come Down With The Catch Of The Year?

Army wide receiver Isaiah Alston opened Saturday with an absolutely insane one-handed catch.

In the first half of Army's college football showdown with UMass, Alston literally palmed a pass like a basketball, gripping the pigskin like Shaq in his prime and somehow holding on all the way through.

Take a look:

Social media reacts to Isaiah Alston catch for Army

That's the stuff that would make Odell Beckham Jr. proud. Alston goes up and gets it with no fear, and doesn't even need his other hand, which is being gobbled up by the UMass defender.

Not only does the sophomore make it stick, he somehow holds on all the way through and even scrambles for an extra 10 yards.

Seriously, how does he not lose it right here?

Anyway, the good guys (Army) are firing on all cylinders today, currently up 28-7 and threatening for more.

Forget 'The Game,' give me Army-UMass all damn day if Isaiah Alston is on the field.

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