Deion Sanders Pledges Massive Chunk Of His Salary To Help Renovate JSU's Facilities

Deion Sanders is reaching into his wallet to help the Jackson State Tigers.

The Tigers are currently in the process of undergoing massive renovations within the athletic department, and the most famous football coach in the FCS wants to help make sure things get done.

"I'll put half on," the legendary NFL defensive back said when talking about pledging half his yearly salary to improve JSU's facilities in a video shared by "Thee Pregame Show."

Sanders' yearly salary to coach JSU is worth $300,000 annually, according to 247Sports. That means he's comfortable spending $150,000 to help the Tigers upgrade where they practice and play.

Deion Sanders isn't playing games when it comes to making sure JSU is competitive. There's already been chatter about the Tigers finding a new conference.

As football fans know, facilities matter a lot, and you need to have nice ones in order to attract top talent. Without solid facilities, it's going to be very difficult to elevate your team.

Sanders handing over a big check to make sure the Tigers are taken care of might be a move to grease the tracks for an eventual conference move.

The one thing you'll never be able to say about Deion Sanders is that he doesn't care. He cares a whole hell of a lot about making sure the Tigers are competitive.

How many other major college coaches would give up half their salaries to build facilities? Probably not many, but Sanders didn't hesitate to step up and get the job done. He's leading from the front, and that makes following him very easy.

It should be fun to watch how this decision plays out over the coming years!