Not Ready For Prime Time: Three Power Five Schools Interviewed Deion Sanders

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TCU and two other Power Five schools were interested in making Deion Sanders their head football coach this winter. All three schools, however, opted to go in another direction, essentially admitting they weren’t yet ready for Prime Time.

“I interviewed for three Power Five jobs. I should’ve got them,” Sanders said during an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show.

Sanders, never one to lack confidence, felt as though he was plenty good enough for any of the three positions, but the Man Upstairs must not have been ready to place Neon Deion back in the national spotlight.

“I was very, very, very good, I may say, in the interviews. In one of the interviews, I was so darn good, the guy asked me when could I start. ‘When can you really start?’ I told him when it was possible, and they went in another direction. I wasn’t upset,” Sanders insisted to Le Batard. “That just means that God needed me to continue to be at Jackson State.”

God must be a Tigers fan, because Deion led JSU to a SWAC title this fall, and that success got them to land the nation’s top recruit, Travis Hunter.

Prime mentioned the Horned Frogs by name, but declined to reveal which other two schools interviewed him. He also loosely committed to sticking around Jackson State for a while longer, telling Le Batard: “Well, TCU is not the only one interested in my services.”

Whether with TCU, one of the other two schools that expressed interest, or somewhere else, chances are Sanders will soon be back interviewing for a head coaching job at a top school.

Returns are kind of his thing.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. All these 4 & 5 stars he’s getting will be gone after a year when they realize there is minimal exposure which is what these kids want these days and the NIL deals for HBOC will mainly be low end deals for free Popeye’s and a used 84 Pinto with gold Daytons. They’ll be in the transfer portal next season.

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