Deion Sanders Has 'Dogs,' Including One Cat Who Just Benched 405 For Breakfast

Deion Sanders is confident he can turn things around at Colorado in Year 1, mainly because - in his words - he has some "dogs" at several key positions.

By the looks of it, one of those dogs benches 400 bills for breakfast, too.

In a now-viral YouTube video - don't ask me which son made this one, because I can't keep up - Sanders is seen talking to Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder of The Pivot podcast.

When asked what's different about his first year at Jackson State and Colorado, Sanders admitted he's confident he can succeed quickly in Boulder because he "knows what he's got."

"The main things you need is those guys up there to protect," he added. "You have two corners who are dogs, two safeties who are dogs and linebackers who are dogs."

Later in the video - aptly titled, 'Is he the strongest college football player?' - Jackson State transfer offensive lineman Tyler Brown is shown benching 405 pounds like it's nothing as the rest of the team goes nuts around him.

Yep. I reckon that qualifies as a dog!

Deion Sanders asks if Tyler Brown is strongest player in college football

My God. Insane strength, which admittedly means nothing coming from me because I can't even bench half of that. Hell, that may even be a stretch, too.

Now, I don't know if Tyler Brown is the strongest player in college football like the video asks. No idea.

I do know he says in a separate video - yes, made by another son I think - that he recently squatted 585 pounds, and his max squat a few years ago was just under 700 pounds.

Don't know if that makes him the strongest player in college football, but it at least puts the 6-3, 320-pound junior in the running, right?

"I got great genetics," he said.

Yeah, OK. Great genetics my butt. This cat is a stud, and is about to whip up some pancakes over in the Pac-12.

Brown, by the way, was an FCS All-American last year at Jackson State and previously started at Louisiana for some guy named Billy Napier.

Seems like someone who will adjust just fine out in Boulder.

"We coming!"

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