Conference USA Inks Brilliant TV Deal For Next Season

If you're a fan of midweek MACtion (and who isn't?), you're gonna LOVE what Conference USA has planned for next fall.

Starting in 2023, the conference - which is adding five new members over the next two seasons - will reportedly begin a five-year media rights deals with CBS Sports Network and ESPN.

Those two networks will broadcast most October conference games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The MAC operates under a similar model that usually begins in November. It's glorious for all college football fans, and especially those who like to dabble in the world of gambling.

Yes, before you ask ... obviously I love a little MACtion over bet to get my blood flowing on a Tuesday night. You haven't lived until you absolutely LOCK IN on an Akron-Central Michigan showdown.

Nothing like it.

Conference USA follows MAC, will be on ESPN, CBS for midweek games in 2023

Anyway, Conference USA commissioner Judy MaCleod told Sports Business Journal that she hopes the move will increase exposure. Duh.

“Obviously, revenue is important, but what kept coming up with our membership was exposure. How do we maximize our potential and move forward?” she said. "This is our chance to prove ourselves and then hopefully we’ll go back to the market (in five years) and increase our value.”

Conference USA is adding five teams to its stable beginning next season, including Liberty, Jacksonville State, New Mexico State and Sam Houston State. Kennesaw State will join our MACtion copy-cat league in 2024.

Don't know about you, but I'm am ALL IN on a little Liberty-Western Kentucky Tuesday night showdown next season.

Take the over. That one's on the house.

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