Bethune-Cookman AD 'Disturbed' By Ed Reed: 'You Are Dead Wrong'

Days after students protested campus conditions at Bethune-Cookman in the wake of the Ed Reed saga, university AD Reggie Theus fired back at Reed's accusations that the administration doesn't care about the students.

Speaking to HBCU Gameday, Theus, a former NBA player, said Reed knew exactly what he was signing up for before agreeing to become the school's next head football coach.

How? Because, Theus said, he took him around the Daytona Beach campus and showed the NFL Hall of Famer everything.

"Ed was completely aware of our situation at Bethune-Cookman," Theus saud. "I showed him every single thing that was good about the program, and every single thing that was not good. There was no excuse for him to act like he was shocked.

"He acted like he didn't know, but he knew. He knew everything, because I told him."

Ed Reed lashes out at Bethune-Cookman, AD Reggie Theus responds

The Ed Reed era at Bethune-Cookman lasted 25 whole days before coming to a fiery end last weekend when the school chose not to ratify his contract.

Hours after that news began to trickle out, Reed took to Instagram Live and went on a 15-minute, profanity-laced rant aimed at the school and administration, accusing them of not caring about the kids and lying about why Reed was being dismissed.

"I’m NOT withdrawing my name … they don’t want me here, because I tell the truth,” Reed started out. “This hurts because I know people don’t care about these kids like I do!

“There are some corrupt people in this world! Some evil people who don’t care about kids like I do,” he continued before threatening the school by saying he’s “got the receipts” and that there’s “all kinds of stuff going on around here.”

“Deion (Sanders) was right, and I know I’m right,” he added.

Prime, by the way, made a brief cameo toward the end of the now-viral video. You can see the entire thing here.

Anyway, that video came on the heels of a tumultuous week for Reed at Bethune-Cookman that included another viral video showing questionable campus conditions and accusing the school of having trash everywhere, including his office.

Theus said Wednesday that Reed's office was just fine ... just not for Ed Reed.

"He knew exactly what was going on here," he added. "His office was clean, it just wasn't clean to his specifications. I hadn't done any major cleanup job, the (fired) coaches had just left the building not long ago.

"So, much of what he's talked about comes from the wrong place."

Reed has (somewhat) stayed out of the spotlight since Saturday's explosion, but the student-body has not. Earlier this week, hundreds of Bethune-Cookman students staged a walk-out and protest on campus in light of the fallout.

Many called for members of B-CU's Board of Trustees to step down, while others began leaking pictures of moldy dorm rooms to the press.

Theus' comments Wednesday more or less echoed what the university said in its initial statement last weekend: that the school was still recovering from two hurricanes last fall and student-athletes spent the better part of a month displaced.

"When people make accusations ... people have to understand, just because you say something doesn't make it true," Theus continued. "Our football team was on the road for a month ... do you know how expensive that is? If it wasn't for our administration, our Board of Trustees, that wouldn't have happened.

"When you start to say our administration doesn't care about these kids, you are dead wrong. To see him trash our administration, it disturbs me. He has no right nor reason to do that."

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