Miami Basketball Coach Offers Bonkers NCAA Tournament Expansion Suggestion

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Miami coach Jim Larranaga is in the Final Four, but that doesn’t mean he’s content with the NCAA Tournament format.

The Hurricanes will play UConn Saturday night for a chance to go to the national title game. Given the fact Miami and Larranaga are in the Final Four and 40 minutes out from playing in the championship, you might think he’d be very happy with how the 68-team field works.


Larrange said during his press availability Thursday afternoon that he’d like to see the field expand to a staggering 96 teams.

Yes, the Miami Hurricanes coach wants to see the field expand more than 40%.

Jim Larranaga’s suggestion for the NCAA Tournament is terrible.

Every once in awhile, ideas about expanding the tournament get floated. It’s not a new idea, but it never stops getting less terrible. Jim Boeheim even suggested every team in America should get in. These suggestions are absolutely comical.

The NCAA Tournament field doesn’t need to be expanded. Not at all. The field is perfect as is with 68 teams.

Squads that are in the NIT don’t deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament, and I say that as a fan of a team – Wisconsin – that played in the NIT.

Expanding the NCAA Tournament is a terrible idea. (Photo by Louis Grasse/Getty Images)

If the field expands to 96 teams, the regular season will become pointless. Every P5 team that is .500 or better will make the field.

At that point, why even play the regular season? We might as well just skip right to the tournament. One of the best parts about college football is every game matters.

That’s not the case in college basketball and never will be. However, the regular season still matters. It matters a lot. Teams must put together a good resume in order to punch a ticket to the NCAA Tournament.

Will the NCAA Tournament expand? (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

A 96 NCAA Tournament field will eliminate that entirely. It will have mediocre teams sliding in, and that’s not something anyone is begging for. Keep it locked at 68 and don’t change it.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. If they get rid of giving automatic bids to garbage conferences and put in the best 68 then yes 68 teams is fine. Since 15 or 20 of the teams don’t deserve to be there I like his idea of expanding to 96. Where do you get the absurd idea that every game matters in college football?

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