Jim Boeheim Offers Multiple Bonkers Suggestions For March Madness

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Former Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim wants to see some significant changes made to March Madness.

Boeheim’s time at Syracuse came to an end this season, and it’s the start of a new era for the Orange after a 17-15 campaign.

However, if Boeheim had his way, Syracuse probably would have been in because he wants to expand the field and more.

Jim Boeheim offers terrible NCAA Tournament suggestions. (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

Jim Boeheim proposes two changes to the NCAA Tournament.

“I think the basketball tournament should always include everybody, and I think it will. I think if you expand it a little bit, which you can do very easily without hurting the tournament, you have play-in games right now. Just go to three more sites and add a few more teams,” Boeheim explained during a Tuesday interview with Dan Patrick.

He then suggested something even more bonkers:

Seed the tournament based on who is playing well right now and not total resume.

“Once you get teams in the tournament, the committee should be looking and saying, ‘Well, which teams are really the best teams now. Duke … at the worst is in the top eight or ten teams at the worst. Where there’s some other teams that played really well early, lose six or seven games at the end of the year, their seeding is too high because they’re basing it all on the whole year.

These are both terrible ideas from Boeheim.

Jim Boeheim had a great run as the head basketball coach at Syracuse. Nobody doubts that. He won a national title and went to the Final Four five times. He was a hell of a coach.

However, these are both terrible ideas. The NCAA Tournament definitely doesn’t need to expand. There’s an argument to be made the field is perfect at 68 teams or could even be shaved down.

It definitely doesn’t need to get bigger, and I say that as someone who would have directly benefited from an expanded field this year. Instead of the Badgers playing in the NIT, Wisconsin would be in an expanded field. Still don’t want it. You can’t water down the product that much.

As for his idea to seed the tournament based on momentum and who is playing hot late, it’s just as dumb.

So, Jim Boeheim would make 26-8 Duke a two or three seed instead of a five? Am I understanding that correctly? That’s dumb. The entire resume has to matter. Otherwise, what’s really the point of playing the entire season?

It would make what a team does in January and prior pretty meaningless.

Jim Boeheim wants to see the NCAA Tournament field expand. (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

Jim Boeheim, again, was a great coach, but that doesn’t mean every idea he has is excellent. Both of these NCAA Tournament suggestions should be ignored.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. and – of course – get rid of NIL and The Portal …. and long shorts and the 3-point shot and jump balls … and make everyone wear Chuck Taylor Converse White HighTops. ……… Give’em Hell Coach! …. jeeezzzzzzzz…

  2. If the committee did a good job selecting teams and were consistent I would say leave it alone, but since they inject their personal biases into the selections I would be in favor of expanding the field. I would like a way to expand it to all teams to remove it from the power hungry idiots on the committee.

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