Miami Heat Player Suspended Over Massage Gun Toss

Dwayne Dedmon will have plenty of time to get all the massages he wants.

The NBA center has been suspended for one game without pay after a bench confrontation with Heat coaches that led to Dedmon throwing one of the trainer's massage guns onto the court before being tossed from the game.

The Heat issued the one-game suspension before the league could step in with their own punishment. The NBA's rules don't allow for double jeopardy and the league could have delivered a stiffer penalty.


The Theragun nearly connected with one of the players on the court, before referees blew the whistle and issued Dedmon a technical foul before promptly ejecting him from the game.

In subsequent video, you can see Dedmon get into a pretty heated argument with head coach Erik Spoelstra. The two were arguing over his playing time. Dedmon was reportedly frustrated that he wasn't getting more minutes despite the team only having 8 players during Tuesday night's game against the Thunder.


Dedmon has had a frustrating year, dealing with both a foot issue and missing some playing time for the league's health and safety protocols.

Many were surprised when the Heat re-signed Dedmon last season for a two-year $9 million deal. Due to contract specifics, he's not able to be traded until this coming Sunday. There have been reports that Heat may be interested in eventually getting rid of him, especially with big man Omer Yurtseven on the team. However, Omer suffered an ankle injury and isn't expected to return till next month at the earliest.

Despite giving the Thunder some points with his technical foul, the Heat were able to hold on and get the 1-point victory over the Thunder. They also set a new NBA record for not missing any free-throws, going 40-for-40 from the line.

Dedmon's suspension on Tuesday means he will miss tonight's game against the Milwaukee Bucks. He won't play again until Saturday when the Heat host the Bucks again.

Plenty of time off for him to ditch the Theragun and get a real massage!

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