Clay Travis: NBA is Absolutely Tanking

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On Outkick the Show, Clay Travis discussed the NBA’s tanking ratings. You can read about the collapse in viewership here.

“The Eastern Conference Finals, with the Heat and Celtics, may have hit an all-time low in many of our lives,” Clay explains. “At four million viewers, it was down nearly 50% in the past two years.”

“Tucker Carlson rose up and dunked all balls in the face on the NBA’s ratings. More people watched Fox News’ opinion programming than the NBA’s premier product.”

Here is the segment.

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  1. NoBrainsAssociation vs. Tucker Brings The Truth…who ya got??? LMAO

    And you see the subtle shift in analysis after the Celtics give up a big lead for the second game in a row and lose…and it’s the Conference Finals…(and on The Bible I haven’t watched a minute…just read the analysis clicking on a link somewhere).

    So the Celtics are thrashing their locker room after the bad beat in Game 2…and here comes the analysis…”well, the Heat were giving the mid-range jumper all night b/c of their defensive schemes, but Brad (whoever), the Celtics coach, WOULDN’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT AND CALL THOSE PLAYS TO TAKE THOSE OPEN SHOTS.
    Really??? You mean “professional snipers” and “big time ballers” CAN’T SEE WHAT’S IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES?? And schoolyard and playground hoops has suddenly become a chess match???
    TOO FUNNY…but I have always liked Jimmy Butler and the work ethic he brings — not Michael’s work ethic, because nobody comes close to MJ — so I’m very happy for Jimmy Butler.

  2. Didn’t watch NBA but i did watch Tucker like i do every evening great segment on how all these pols have been lying about the rona for political gain not about health time for some perp walking folks. Downtown Nashville been devastated by these unlawful and unconstitutional lock downs i hope these people are learning do not elect democratic mayors or any politicians of that stripe.

  3. Tucker Carlson? Are you serious Clay? Most people in America have never heard of Tucker Carlson but know the name of Lebron James. The NBA and Lebron James unlike Tucker Carlson aren’t losing advertisers and aren’t dependent on My Pillow Ads.

    No disrespect but basketball is a staple in this country with a culture that insulates them from MAGA attacks and others on the conservative right. Let be honest, David Stern prepared and conquered that world decades ago. Basketball is a global game. I think Jordan gave conservatives a false sense of power and privilege, Just being honest. Basketball will NEVER fall t the depths of the MLB. NHL, Nascar or Golf.

    There is a reason the NBA athlete is the most popular, most endorsed group of athletes in all of sports. Just stop the madness. “Ball don’t lie”

  4. In reality, the most popular and most endorsed athletes are soccer players. Lewis Hamilton, the F1 driver, is the highest paid and highest endorsed athlete on the planet. Lebron couldn’t touch what Tiger Woods, a freaking golfer, was able to generate in terms of revenue and endorsements.

    The NBA is dying. It’s been losing 5 to 8% of its audience every year since Kobe retired. Teams push b.s. group packages to sell out arenas. They jerseys and court will look like NASCAR uniforms in 3 more years it’s so much crap on them.

    I’m just hoping or a Nuggets vs Heat NBA Finals so we can put a fork in this corpse.

    • Actually you are WRONG, if the look at ANY LIST of popular athletes around the world NBA American Pro Sport athletes make up the majority along with soccer players. If you look at Forbes Top 50 list, NBA athletes make up almost half of the list. Just the facts. With all due respect. Very easy stuff to research. It a big diverse world out here, don’t let Outkick fool you . With all due respect

  5. The league has lost 46% of its viewers over the last two years. Worse, they do not seem to care. I have had the NBA package for a long time. 2020 is the last year for me. The reason? I do not want politics intertwined into an entertainment vehicle. It is not enjoyable and that is the reason I like sports- to be entertained- not to be preached at (Sundays for that).

    I do not want to see political slogans on the floor of the arena, commercials that espouse a political point of view, or jerseys with anything other than a player’s number and his name on it. My opinion may be a minority one but barely. It used to be a business was wise to consider all points of view- apparently the NBA is so used to being showered with money that they have forgotten they must sing for its supper like every other entertainment vehicle.

    Does that mean they should just “shut up and dribble”?
    No, they can and should support causes they believe in but just like I save my opinions for outside of work so should they. And since it is my money those are my rules.
    Break them and I am gone NBA. NFL and MLB

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