NBA Conference Finals Game 1 Ratings Plummet

Total121 Channel-turning viewers handed the NBA another L on Tuesday. Game 1 of Heat-Celtics drew only 4 million viewers. The average is down significantly from last season’s Bucks-Raptors’ 5.5 million. Number-to-number, that’s ugly. Factor in last night featured one of the NBA’s premier franchises, the Celtics, and last year a team from Canada, it is officially More





Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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  1. Hey it’s what the queen wanted he said don’t watch and this is the face of the NBA good luck with that I’m not watching and don’t plan on watching. And by the way has this hypocrite POS answered the challenge the Sheriff put out there for those two brave deputies who were almost assassinated.

    • Why didn’t he throw some couch cushion change towards the Sheriff? Easy to do. No skin (racist) off his back and may show he really cares about all of us.
      He wasn’t aware – BS.
      He’s in the middle of a title chase – yeah no time to make any statements right now.
      He doesn’t want to take sides – did that a while back.
      Should have jumped on the request like a grenade. This soldier is toiling day and night in the battle for sainthood for criminals of every (sorry one color).
      Too late A hole.

  2. Bobby, very well written! And I would say that the NBA redefined the word woke! I don’t know if I’ll ever watch them again, at least not until after Lebron retires. I refuse to support any entity which is trying to tear down our country!

  3. The NBA apocalypse would be Denver against Miami. But, I don’t think LeBron and AD will lose. If it is Lakers vs. Celtics, I think the ratings will be okay because they are both massive basketball markets and there is their shared history. Just to be clear, I am rooting for Denver /Miami.

  4. I wonder what will happen to their attendance figures when people are allowed to go to games again? Between people being turned off to the in game political statements and not wanting to go into some of these radicalized cities at night, I’m guessing that will be a disaster for the league too.

  5. Basketball was always my favorite sport and the one I played growing up. I will still watch college or high school hoops or even overseas ball if it is on TV. But the NBA? I have followed the Rockets for over 40 years, but if the entire league were to stick with being a propaganda arm for the Democrat/Marxist left I honestly hope it goes under. I believe there is a demand for pro basketball that sticks to playing ball so someone else would step up and fill the void eventually. But this NBA? I hope this NBA dies a slow, painful death. Defund the NBA

  6. Great column Bobby. I echo the comments above. I haven’t watched a minute of any bubble game and haven’t purchased a Nike product since they ran the infamous Kap commercial back in 2018. Anyone informed is well aware that Nike and the NBA are in bed with China’s communist dictatorship. Add “woke on steroids” and you you have a recipe for a ratings disaster. As Clay says…”Go woke and go broke”.

  7. Its just depressing to see a pastime ruined like this. I was so all-in on the NBA my entire life. Lifer Jazz fan here, had to move to Oregon in high school, and man those Malone/Stockton – Duckworth/Drexler battle years were awesome! I wore my Jazz fanship proudly in the teeth of Trailblazer country! Just all in, all the time. Stoked for what the Gobert/Mitchell era can produce. But the NBA took that escape from me–its just eye-rolling tiresome now to have to wade thru the political bullshit. And I can’t just ignore it because its so blatantly BS to boot when these guys spout such ridiculous crap not grounded in the actual reality of the situation. Then it makes me realize the hypocrisy of that, couple against the meek rollover stance they have on REAL abuses in China, and I get angry at at all. And come back to WHY THE HELL CAN’T I JUST ENJOY MY BASKETBALL?? I watched my Jazz games, not a single tune in to anything since. Nor a desire to. Which sucks. Ah well.

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