NBA Reportedly Discusses Potential Flopping Rule, With Possible Trial At Summer League

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If reports are to be believed, our long national nightmare could soon be coming to an end: the NBA might soon have a flopping rule.

NBA reporter Shams Charania tweeted that the league’s Competition Committee is kicking around the idea for the new, much-needed rule.

According to Charania’s sources, getting called for a flop would lead to a technical foul free throw. It’s possible that the NBA would test this rule out during Summer League games in July.

This is long overdue. Anyone who has watched the NBA in recent years is well aware of the increase in flopping and decline of virtually any semblance of toughness.

I mean, just look at the Lakers in the postseason. Their flopping — perhaps, more specifically LeBron’s flopping — stole headlines. Even though he insisted he doesn’t flop.

The NHL has had penalties in place for players who embellish for years. If a player takes a dive, they can hurt their team by being sent to the sin bin for a two-minute minor, or they could get hit right in the wallet with a fine.

Better yet, this penalty serves to single out these players in front of an entire arena of people.

I think this could work really well in the NBA, though I fully expect players —*cough*LeBron*cough* — to complain about this.

Well, if they do try to institute something to curb this flopping epidemic, props to the NBA (for once).

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