NBA, Atlanta Hawks Continue To Lean Into Social Commentary With New Unis

We’ve officially entered an era when Nike and the NBA compel exploited Chinese laborers to stitch ‘MLK’  on the back of Atlanta Hawk jerseys in the name of woke culture and the almighty dollar. As the NBA Finals TV numbers sink to all-time lows, the NBA and Nike find themselves unable to release themselves from the grips of a movement that pretends to care about humanity but that, with the exception of Rudy Gobert, remains silent about the conditions in Chinese Nike operations.

“Proceeds from the sale of this jersey will go to support economic empowerment programs for Atlanta’s communities of color,” the Hawks said on Twitter.

Notice the word all wasn’t attached to “proceeds.” Those of you who haven’t been in a coma for the last couple years already know that Nike profits from woke activism and pressures NBA players to conform to its business plan, keep quiet against mistreatment in China, but speak loudly against mistreatment in the United States.

Nike is now using younger players to convey this message. Last week, Duke showed off Nike jerseys for the 2020-21 season that include “equality” on the back of the jerseys.

Here’s a thought: Nike should open a factory in Atlanta and put Americans to work. Imagine how happy Dr. King would be to see citizens of Atlanta making basketball jerseys with his initials on the front. Now that would be beautiful.

And if you think Nike is going to change the game plan now, you’re nuts. I’ll give you an idea of why LeBron will never speak out about the abuses of Nike workers in China: he has a lifetime deal with Nike, whose stock looks like this over the last five years.

Nike stock chart

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Find other brands do buy, Nike/NBA= Commy China marxist puppet. Addias maybe? UA? Not sure but looking. Can OutKick be a brand 🙂 OK Just exercise free choice there are many.

  2. Way to tell the story, Joe…good stuff.
    ‘Course it can’t be “all proceeds”…that might set a precedent…not to mention make the whole jersey project a wash on the books with no profits to show for all their clever showmanship.
    Nike’s already contributing to the future marxist collective, so there’s no money left for free market capitalism that might actually improve A T L with jobs and economic opportunity.
    Pres. Trump and the US Treasury have identified 26 opportunity zones in ATL (ball don’t lie)…but it’s a more “feel good” story to show ballers wearing MLK jerseys.

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