Duke Basketball Going Woke For Upcoming Season

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If you were hoping for the whole Summer of Woke to simmer down now that the world has moved on from opening weekend of the NFL season, I have bad news for you. Duke basketball decided to go with an “equality” message on its jerseys for the 2020-21 season. As we all know here at Outkick, it’s very hard to quantify how much equality will come from Duke wearing “equality” on its basketball jerseys.

But here we are in 2020. The chef on Cream of Wheat products was axed late last month, and Uncle Ben was removed from the packaging of Uncle Ben’s Rice on the same day that the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision was announced. “What’s wrong with putting ‘equality’ on jerseys?” the woke crowd will argue. Meanwhile, here we’d say it’s a hollow symbol. Does this mean equality for the Nike workers in China who make the shoes worn by Duke basketball players, or just for the BLM crowd? Will Duke basketball players be allowed to call for equality for Nike workers in China? Of course not. They won’t be allowed to say anything negative about China.

Clay’s been over this before. Athletes who wear Nike gear with “equality” on the back are hypocrites who aren’t allowed to speak out, except for Rudy Gobert, who dropped a “wrong is wrong” message this week.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Joe. This should do the trick. Systemic racism will now be a thing of the past. Let’s now go forward together unaffected. To Coach K and the Duke BB team many thanks for moving past our past. About time. Let’s party.

  2. Coach K sold his soul a few years ago to the demons of one and done, “duffle bag full of cash for Uncle Earl so Junior will sign with Duke” parasites. This is not a surprise to any of us in North Carolina.

    Equality is not a bad thing, but meritocracy is a much greater thing. Its interesting how the greatest meritocracy in the world is big revenue sports (like Duke basketball), and yet the are the least likely to publicly admit that hard work and talent determine your success or failure in life.

  3. Don’t watch anyway they are just alienating large swaths of people and i hope some or all big alum donors decide meh not for me anymore and just keep their dough.

  4. What’s scary to me as a long time Duke fan (my grandpa studied engineering at Duke in the 1930’s), Coach K doesn’t have the stones to say NO to this.

    He wants another championship so bad (like Nick Saban at Bama) that he doesn’t care what his players do.

    It’s the LeBron Narcissist model. These people want what they want regardless of the consequences to the sport or the Fan base of that sport.

    My Calendar keeps opening up space with each ridiculous sports story. Boycott them all.

    We should cancel our side of the Olympics until American athletes grow up.

  5. And the common denominator is….. Nike!

    Might as just fucking put “let’s all pray for world peace “.

    Hopefully Coach K (being a West Point grad and proud veteran) at least stands for the anthem. Perhaps discusses this with his players and perhaps opposing players too. He is definitely in a position to advise team members the value and importance of really being unified!

  6. I was extremely worried that Coach K was actually Coach KKK, and that Dukkke was for ineeeckqualities and racialistics. Now that they’re putting the word ‘equality’ on their jersies, indicating to me that they are in fact AGAINST racist-ism, makes me feel SO much better.

  7. The gentleman in the video Chris attached regarding the Rick Moranis assault is obviously a right wing agitator. Possibly a Proud Boy or Aryan Nation. I hope John Robert’s and Chris Wallace follow up on this story. The Republicans have to denounce this immediately or they and Trump are complicit in this senseless violence that would not occur in a Biden/Harris administration. Oh yeah, way to take the lead Duke basketball. Should have done this when the Duke Lacrosse players were falsely accused of rape. And ruined a bunch of innocent kids’lives. A bunch of innocent white kids if I recall.

  8. Coach K “The Statesman” has done whatever it takes to win games for 40+ years. Fool the refs by pulling an opposing player down with a grab at the free throw line (a favorite)? recruiting with booster funds? no scholastics for weak IQ ballers (you think UNC is bad with ignored public state school stds? private Duke has no stds)? Coach K has maintained his vocabulary of hundred of “F” word derivatives (noun, adjective, adverb, verb, even prepositions) – he is the master of on-the-court profane vulgarities to refs and his players. Machiavellian douchebags have seldom been more celebrated.

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