Nate Oats Fires Shot at Coach K for Calls to Delay College Basketball Season

Coach K has been in the news a lot recently. Normally, that’s due to his teams’ success on the basketball court. But here lately, it’s been more about his recent call to delay the college basketball season.

Well, that and Duke’s struggles after a 2-2 start.

On Thursday, Alabama head coach Nate Oats, an up-and-comer who came over from Buffalo, called out the timing of those comments from Coach K.

Well, things just got a lot more interesting on this front.

In all seriousness, it is a bit surprising to see Oats call out Coach K, but he asks a question on the minds of a lot of people.

The Blue Devils started the season with an 81-71 victory over Coppin State, but have since gone 1-2. One of those was a six-point loss to Michigan State (5-0), while the other was a lot more lopsided. Illinois (4-1) beat Duke 83-68 on Tuesday, and that’s when Coach K suggested postponing the season.

Both of his losses were to good teams, but this doesn’t look like the Duke we are used to seeing.

Were the comments understandable? Yes. Were they timely? Absolutely not.

We’ll have to see how things transpire from here. Will Coach K answer the criticism from Oats? This situation is far from over.

Update: Below is a video of Oats’ comment and his follow up. A summary: “We 100 percent should be playing basketball.”

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Coach K is like Pete Carroll. They are both sad and pathetic IMO. I won’t pretend to know what thoughts are in their heads but… The woke virtue signaling by both is off the charts and embarrassing for 70 year old men to act neutered like they do.

  2. Bingo! Do you think K would be saying this if he had 2018-19 Duke? He’s a coward and a phony. He actually invoked “mental health”. Earth to coach K, millions of kids are struggling with mental health because of lockdowns, almost none are struggling with Covid. What a fraud and buffoon.

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