Nate Oats Gives TSA Explanation For Brandon Miller Frisking Stunt

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Nate Oats gave an interesting explanation for Brandon Miller’s frisking stunt prior to the Arkansas game.

Miller was dragged on social media after he had a teammate frisk him during player introductions Saturday against the Razorbacks.

There were several theories/defenses of what Miller was doing. Optically, it looked terrible seeing as how he delivered the alleged murder weapon allegedly used by Darius Miles and Michael Lynn Davis to kill Jamea Jonae Harris. A popular defense was that it was just a UFC pat down. Now, Oats has explained what it was.

“They explained to me it was like when TSA checks you before you get on a plane and now Brandon is cleared for take off. We as the adults in the room should have been more sensitive to how it could have been interpreted. I dropped the ball,” Oats told the media Tuesday.

Brandon Miller continues to draw negative attention.

Ever since it was revealed Brandon Miller drove the alleged murder weapon to the crime scene in January, Oats and the program have been under intense scrutiny.

Alabama has chosen to not suspend or punish Miller in any fashion for driving the weapon there. It’s important to note Miller’s attorney has never claimed the Alabama star was unaware of the weapon’s existence or the text asking for it.

The frisking incident just sent people over the edge, and understandably so. A young mother is dead, and the player who brought the weapon that was used acted like he was getting frisked. If you don’t understand why that’s offensive, you’re probably one of the guys wearing a “F*ck Clay Travis” hard hat.

Alabama fans wore “F*ck Clay Travis” hard hats.

To Oats’ credit, he took some responsibility here, put his hands up and owned up to the fact he should have had better judgement.

That’s a change of pace from his comments after the game. At least it seems like Oats is starting to figure out the severity of the situation.

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