Brandon Miller Appears To Delete Twitter Account

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Brandon Miller’s Twitter account no longer appears to be active.

The Alabama star has been in the spotlight ever since it was revealed he drove the vehicle carrying the alleged murder weapon in the slaying of Jamea Jonae Harris. His former teammate Darius Miles and Michael Lynn Davis are facing capital murder charges.

Following massive outrage after Miller was frisked by a teammate ahead prior to the Arkansas game, it was noticed that his Twitter account featured a photo of him being patted down as his banner.

OutKick reached out to Alabama multiple times about whether or not the photo would be changed given the horrific optics. Alabama officials never responded, but the photo was later changed.

Now, everything is gone. As of Monday morning, it appears he deleted his account. When you search for his @brandmillerr handle, you get a message that says the account no longer exists.

Brandon Miller appears to delete his Twitter account. (Credit: Twitter)

Below is a photo of what his banner had been before briefly being changed and then the account disappearing.

Brandon Miller had a photo of himself being frisked as his Twitter banner. (Credit: Twitter)

Brandon Miller and Alabama have been engulfed by chaos.

For the record, the timeline appears to go as follows:

  1. Miller gets frisked prior to the Alabama game.
  2. OutKick publishes a piece about his Twitter banner and asks Alabama about it.
  3. Alabama never responds.
  4. Brandon Miller changes his banner without explanation.
  5. The account disappeared.

While the Twitter situation is relatively minor, it does go to show a pattern of chaos surrounding the program.

A former Alabama player is accused of murdering a young single mother, and a second Alabama player – Brandon Miller – drove the vehicle to the scene carrying the alleged murder weapon.

That is stunning by itself, but it seemingly only gets worse with every passing day. Nate Oats has stuck his foot in his mouth attempting to explain it away, and infamously claimed he “can’t control everything everybody does outside of practice.”

Then, after the frisking prior to Arkansas, he said he was busy focusing on drawing up plays before saying it wouldn’t be tolerated. It’s one misstep after another, and Miller’s Twitter is just the latest example.

Keep checking back to OutKick for the latest updates on the situation in Tuscaloosa as we have it.

Written by David Hookstead

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