Naked Man Arrested For Swinging Toilet Plunger At Hotel Guests

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Guests at a hotel in Iowa had an experience during their stay last week that they won’t soon forget. They have a naked man, who was armed with a toilet plunger, to thank for that.

According to police, Trevyn Hill of Las Vegas was arrested after terrorizing guests at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown on January 28. It all started with an encounter in the 18th floor stairwell.

Hill (it’s unclear if he was naked at this point) approached a man with a toilet plunger. He then chased the man while reportedly yelling, “I’m going to [expletive] get you.”

Naked Man Arrested For Swinging A Toilet Plunger At Hotel Guests
Naked man chased people with a toilet plunger (Image Credit: KCCI/YouTube)

You would assume that chasing someone with a toilet plunger was enough excitement for one night. It was not. Hill was just getting started!

After the toilet plunger chase, (a now for sure naked) Hill started running around on the 22nd floor. While he was doing so, he ended up destroying a sprinkler system.

Several witnesses say that he pulled fire alarms throughout the hotel during his naked one man toilet plunger party — a party that continued until Des Moines firefighters arrived.

Prior to the fire department arriving on the scene, Hill ran around naked on multiple floors swinging the toilet plunger at any guests who were close by.

That’s One Way To Entertain Yourself

Hill was eventually restrained by the firefighters until police arrived. He was then arrested and charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, first-degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Was the displaying of a dangerous weapon charge for the plunger or because he was running around naked? I know which one I would claim if this was me.

The most surprising part of this story might be that there was no mention of drugs or alcohol. That implies running around naked with a plunger is just your average Saturday night for this guy!

Written by Sean Joseph

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