Florida Man Arrested After Biting Off Python’s Head During A Domestic Dispute

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We’ve all been involved in arguments that have gotten heated. Most people have said or done things during those heated exchanges that they regret. Biting the head off of a snake isn’t likely one of them.

A Florida man did that during a domestic dispute with a woman. You would think that the argument would end there, but it didn’t. Police were called to the scene and had to use a Taser on him.

Florida Man Bit The Head Off A Snake
Florida man bit the head off of a snake (Image Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department)

Kevin Justin Mayorga was arrested on Monday at an apartment complex in Cutler Bay, Florida after police received reports of a domestic dispute. When officers arrived they could hear the two arguing inside of the apartment.

Police reported that soon after they knocked on the door the woman yelled, “just kick the door in!”

After doing so, Mayorga attempted to shut the woman in another room with him. He ignored officers commands and as a result they used a Taser on him.

The Taser did not work and a physical confrontation with officers took place. According to officers, during the struggle Mayorga hit an officer in the eye with a handcuff.

The Florida Man Will Never Cease To Amaze

After detaining Mayorga the officers discovered a snake with a severed head. The snake, a ball python, was the woman’s pet. She told them Mayorga bit the reptile’s head off.

Mayorga was arrested and faces charges of animal cruelty with intent to kill, false imprisonment, and resisting arrested. He was reportedly held on a $15,000 bond.

It looks like Florida has found the solution to their python problem. Let this guy loose in the swamps and let him battle it out with snakes.

After all, biting the heads off of snakes is how this guy gets his week started. If he can channel that energy towards something positive he might be able to keep himself out of jail.

Written by Sean Joseph

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