Naked Influencer Arrested For Defiling 700-Year-Old Sacred Tree

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A social media influencer has been arrested and faces deportation for posing naked in front a 700-year-old sacred tree in Bali.

And you think you’ve had a bad Thursday!

Local Indonesian activist and businesswoman Ni Luh Djelantik ratted out the mystery influencer in a scathing Instagram post Wednesday, warning all wannabe influencers to stay the hell away!


Influencers can’t stop getting naked in front of sacred Indonesian tree

Do you think you’ll look cool taking naked pictures on our holy trees?

Don’t know how one responds to that, but I suggest all future influencers think twice from now on before stripping down and getting frisky with this tree.

This ain’t the first time an influencer’s pulled this stunt, either. Nope. Not by a longshot.

Apparently, this sacred tree is an absolute magnet for naked chicks and disposable cameras. This sultry picture comes one year AFTER Russian influencer Alina Fazleeva and her husband, Andrey Fazleev, were banned after she posted a photo of herself naked under the same tree.

Wild. Don’t know what sort of vibes this tree is giving out, but apparently it just oozes sex.

That’s the world we live in now, though. This is the era of the social media influencer, and that means it’s #RiskTaking SZN.

Social media influencer can't stop getting naked in front of sacred Indonesian tree.

You wanna go for gold and make a name for yourself on the competitive internet streets? Fine, go ahead, but you better be willing to spend a little time behind bars along the way.

It’s all for the Gram, though. That’s all that matters.

PS: how about this comment taking absolute shots at the US of A? Watch your back, @rnxlim_.

To all foreigner who read this, i know… we know back in your country you can be naked everywhere or be free to do as you wish everywhere…
But this is Indonesia, land where we still appreciate our culture, land where we still respect each other Religions, land where we still thinking about whether we should do it (something) or not because there’s so many sacred place in Indonesia… Land where Moral, and Ethics which stem from our Religion is still used in our society…

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